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Adolescents After Divorce
by Christy M. Buchanan, Eleanor E. Maccoby (Contributor), Sanford M. Dornbusch (Contributor)

Adolescents After Divorce follows children from 1,100 divorcing families to discover how they are faring. Focusing on a period beginning four years after the divorce, the authors have the articulate, often insightful help of their subjects in exploring the altered conditions of their lives. A gold mine of information on a topic that touches so many Americans, this study will be crucial for researchers, counselors, lawyers, judges, and parents.



How To Heal A Painful Relationship
by Bill Ferguson

In this unique book, you will learn, step-by-step, how to remove conflict and restore love in any relationship. You will learn what creates love and what destroys it. You will discover how to end the cycle of conflict, release resentment and restore your peace of mind. Bills experience as a former divorce attorney provides rare insight into the nature of relationships. You will discover something about yourself and your relationships that will change your life forever.


Family Therapy Sourcebook
by Fred P. Piercy, Douglas H. Sprenkle, Joseph L. Wetchler

A compact introductory text for practitioners, researchers, teachers, and students. Includes core concepts and clinical techniques; a glossary of essential terms and ideas; an annotated bibliography; a consumer's guide to the best teaching media; and classic and state-of- the-art information on foundational issues related to theory, research, and practice. The authors also present experiential learning exercises for educators, delineate key concepts, and clarify complex issues.


 21 Divorcees!
by Al Tarvin, Neil F. Pape (Introduction), Mary Lowe-Evans (Introduction)

Twenty-one women tell their true stories of sexual and physcial abuse in their marriages. How does the sexually abused woman get out of these marriages? These 21 Divrocees found the courage and support to rid themselves of the sexual and physcial abuse they had endured for such a long time. These are true stories of women of all types, rich, poor and horrible family relationships. They learned their lessons the hard way, but lived to tell about it - not like the O. J. Simpson women.


Steps to an Ecology of Mind
by Gregory Bateson




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